How Fintech is Using Voice and Chat Capabilities to Revolutionize Customer Experience

Digital voice assistants, whether they're on a mobile phone or a home-based device, are changing the way people gather information, operate their lives, and communicate with friends and family. Thanks to the rapid growth of the Fintech industry, especially as it relates to data analytics and personalization, it's no surprise that financial institutions are working to keep up with their customers' newest technological wants and needs by innovation on voice and chat capabilities. Financial institutions are utilizing voice-enabled apps to help manage many of the functions you can perform on a mobile phone and a Fintech app; such as checking the status of a bank account or paying bills. However, despite the increasing use of voice assistants, and the ever-growing collection of applications, there is still some confusion around the technologies and how they can drive digital engagement with financial institutions or streamline customer communications. So Envestnet | Yodlee hosted a webinar in partnership with VentureBeat — How Fintech is Using Voice and Chat to Revolutionize Customer Experience — to share how conversational technologies like Voice and Chat can create a more meaningful experience for your customers, and help you explore new channels of interaction. Evan Schuman of VentureBeat moderated the panel, joined by Frank Coates, Executive Managing Director, Envestnet® | Yodlee® Analytics; Ken Dodelin, VP Conversational AI Products, Capital One; and Sandi Boga, Director, Product Innovation, ATB Financial. During the webinar, topics discussed included:

  • How conversational technologies are changing the financial services landscape.
  • What to consider when looking to deploy a voice-enabled solution.
  • How Voice and Chat can support a broad range of financial wellness solutions.
  • Capitalizing on conversational interfaces to improve customer loyalty.

To better understand how voice and chat capabilities can help you create a more meaningful and engaging experience for your customers, please register for the How Fintech is Using Voice and Chat to Revolutionize Customer Experience webinar.