Envestnet | Yodlee Developer - Incubator Blog Series, Episode #3: Fearlessly Exploring the Limits of Product Development and Business Models

On March 4, we kicked off our second Incubator boot camp with an incredible community of industry experts joining the companies of cohort 5 and its enthusiastic contingent of fintech developers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs (consisting of Betterfin, Class Action, Hurry Home, MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor, Pensio, Productfy, Rocket Dollar, Transaction Connect and Zinsur). In our previous episode, we explored the insights and impressions from a few of the Incubator companies on the first stage of their journey through boot camp #1. The theme for the 3-day boot camp #2 was focused on hearing from experts in marketing, finance and law and gaining insights from a successfully funded fintech executive. After that, the Incubator companies had a chance to develop and practice their Demo Day pitches. The first two days concluded with evening team building events for our FinTech startups at DOSA and TRES SF in San Francisco. Below are some of the experts that presented at the latest boot camp:

The third day of boot camp #2 is Tech Day where Incubator companies showcase updates to their website and mobile apps. The day also included hack sessions with Envestnet | Yodlee technical teams comprised of solutions engineers, software architects, and product managers. These teams provided the cohort companies with guidance on product roadmaps and financial APIs. Overall, it was awesome to see everyone making progress with early mock-ups and working hard in preparation for Demo Day, coming up on May 23! In the next episode, we will focus on cohort 5’s takeaways from the in-depth interactions of this latest boot camp.

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