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Envestnet | Yodlee Developer – Incubator Blog Series, Episode #6: Preparing for Demo Day

It’s the culmination of months of hard work, training, and education: Envestnet | Yodlee Incubator Demo Day will bring this year’s class of FinTech entrepreneurs together to showcase everything they’ve learned and developed as part of the Incubator. The Envestnet| Yodlee Incubator Demo Day will feature the latest cohort of companies, consisting of BetterfinClass ActionHurry HomeMyPerfectFinancialAdvisorProductfyRocket DollarTransaction Connect and Zinsur. By the time Demo Day arrives on May 23rd, they will have worked with Envestnet | Yodlee for several months and attended three boot camps. In the Incubator, they spoke about products, marketing strategy, business model, and pitch skills. When it’s all done, the entrepreneurs get a chance to pitch their company and product to a room full of venture capitalists and angel investors. The Envestnet | Yodlee twist is that a number of finance executives who are also customers have been invited. Our platform powers more than 1,100 companies – including FinTech startups, tech innovators — as well as many small, regional, and national banks. It’s an opportunity for a senior executive from a giant bank in New York, Chicago, or Miami to see what’s happening at the cutting edge of financial innovation. It’s a chance for the founder of a large FinTech disruptor to see what’s coming next, and whether they want a piece of the action. The companies have been practicing, practicing, practicing. During the last boot camp, coaches were brought in to help critique their presentations and provide tips for improvement. The presentations are very tightly choreographed as each company only gets six minutes to pitch. Eight companies, six minutes. After the presentations are finished, companies will have opportunities to meet with the potential investors, and for clients to meet with each other. With some luck, good presentations, and a lot of hard work over these past six months, we’ll see some amazing connections happen between top-notch companies and leading investors. To see more about occurred at last year’s Demo Day, take a look here!