FunBills: Where Paying Bills Can Be Fun And Rewarding

Do you hate paying bills and logging into multiple websites every month? If so, check out FunBills, a new place to pay (or play) down your bills. We’re excited to announce the beta launch of FunBills, a new customer leveraging our Aggregation API. It’s an innovative and free platform that consolidates your bills, gamifies the bill paying experience and offers cash rewards. In this blog, we’d like to share insights from an interview with Curtis Keith, Founder and CEO at FunBills.  1. Can you share your vision for launching FunBills? The launch of FunBills is a great opportunity to solve a huge problem. Our goal with FunBills is to change the way people think about paying bills. Until now, the words Fun and Bills did not go together. We know that many people feel that paying bills can be a painful and draining process. However, it does not have to be this way. We can empower users with a great tool to stay on top of their finances in an organized fashion, while having a positive and fun experience.  2. How does FunBills help to pay bills and earn points for cash? Users can search for any bills and pay for them directly from our free platform. Also, users can play games against friends to pay down their bill. Saving money on your bills is finally fun and rewarding.

  • Consolidated bills: With, you have all your bills in one place! Access thousands of service providers in the U.S., such as cell phone, cable or satellite, utilities, credit card and other companies. FunBills allows you to add virtually any bill to your account, and if you find a bill that FunBills does not yet support, it's easy to request it.
  • Automatic reminders: You don't have to hire an accountant or financial adviser to track your spending and be mindful of your financial standing. With FunBills, anyone can easily monitor bills and balances by seeing everything in one secure place. Track your finances and household accounts using FunBills' easy-to-use dashboard online and it's free mobile apps which provide you with a variety of benefits that play a vital role in the success of your financial future.
  • Play your bills: Earn plays to challenge your friends to a battle of the minds in trivia, compete for high scores, or play games by yourself in your spare time. Once a game is complete, the winner will be awarded points which can later be used to reduce your bills. At home, on the go, or anywhere you have access to the FunBills' website or mobile applications you can be playing games - and playing means winning.
  • Play with friends: Nobody likes to play games alone. Use your favorite social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ to invite your family and friends to manage and play their bills as well. By increasing the number of people in your FunBills' network, you increase your chance to win more points. More Points = More Savings.

3. What challenges did you face and how has Yodlee Interactive helped to achieve your goals? Paying bills typically involves logging into multiple websites or paying through your bank every month. Entering your amount and due date of every bill each month does not make for a good experience either. The Aggregation API provides bank-level secure access to financial accounts – which allows users to view consolidated bills, search for bills and track loans. When you register with FunBills, you can easily see how much you owe and when all your bills are due without having to enter any upcoming bill information. 4. How can users get started with FunBills? The FunBills application is launching in closed private beta for select individuals who are interested in trying out the latest in games, social and bill payment. Register here to receive your beta invitation! Once you receive an invitation, below are instructions on how to get started.

  • Add your bills: Cable, utility, phone, credit card, auto, insurance and more.
  • Add your friends: (Only required if you want to play multi-player games to earn more points)
  • Earn Plays: Take surveys and interact with the site to receive plays of varying point amounts.
  • Use your plays to start a new game: (1 player or multi-player), or accept a game challenge from friends.
  • Redeem your points: Convert points to cash when it is time to pay your bill. Winning = Saving!

Are you ready to start playing and save money on bills? Try out FunBills and let us know your feedback. If you have any questions about the app, Curtis Keith can be reached at or visit the FunBills website at