How Banks and FinApp Partners Can Benefit From Yodlee PartnerHub

In a growing digital world — mobile banking, online customer service, DIY investing — banks need to transform their offerings into something that's more than just transactional in nature. They need to set themselves apart from their competition. Through Yodlee®BusinessFinancialSolutions PartnerHub, we help these banks make the digital transition, because we already work with companies that offer innovative solutions in the Fintech world. For example, we recently announced our 1st app partnership with CAN Capital, a leader in alternative small business finance. PartnerHub allows us to deliver powerful tools into a financial institution's digital channels, where they can be leveraged by businesses and by individuals, while helping the banks (and businesses) grow. As more people have found alternative ways to manage their finances within the business, personal, and investment spectrum, we designed PartnerHub to help businesses gain access to some of the best, most innovative fintech applications. The applications are designed to assist online small business, retail, and wealth management portals. For example, let's say you own a business. You've been doing everything manually with Excel, but as the company grows, you need something more automated for expense management. Your bank can use Yodlee's relationship with Concur and offer you the expense management application directly through its online business-banking portal. In essence, you can login into your bank website, go directly into your Concur window, and have direct access to your finances and the software you use to track them. This benefits everyone: 1) The bank can offer innovative financial products to its business banking customers, thereby increasing transaction rates and setting itself apart from its competitors 2) You can use Concur directly via its banking channel and eliminate multiple integration points and 3) Concur can access a new channel and a new way of reaching new users. In addition to expense management, PartnerHub offers access to loans, credit origination, and payroll, etc. There are so many additional benefits and we feel that PartnerHub is going to connect banks, businesses, and individuals in ways previously only dreamed of – bringing about disruptive changes in the fintech world and beyond. Have you checked out Yodlee BusinessFinancialSolutions PartnerHub? Which financial management tools would be helpful for your business? If this sounds like something your business needs, talk to your bank or financial institution. If you're a fintech company and would like connect with more banks and their customers, visit our Active Commerce Exchange (ACE) website. Our ACE partner program is designed to help innovative financial application (FinApp) partners expand their audiences to both financial Institutions and consumer services companies. We’d love to develop new partnerships and expand our one-stop shop for small businesses!