Flotilla For The Win At TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon

We’re pleased to announce our winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt New York Hackathon, Flotilla! The hackathon took place May 3rd at the Manhattan Center in New York City. Hundreds of teams gathered to build projects that were judged by Adam Rothenberg of BoxGroup, Jessica Lawrence of NY Tech Meetup, Bryan Hamilton of Razorfish, Elena Silenok of Clothia and Charlie O’Donnell of Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. The Flotilla team brings a range of professional experience as well as dev chops. Jack Wilson is a student at App Academy, Dave Idell is a software developer at Tradition, Adam Perlis is creative director at AT&T AdWorks and founder at Podium, and Jorge Gallardo is a Living Environment & Earth Science teacher at NYC Department of Education. In just a matter of hours, this team created a financial app that makes expense tracking a breeze. Flotilla pulls your credit card transactions using Yodlee’s API, allowing you to view and easily add relevant information to your expenses. It then allows you to seamlessly submit with Concur, making expense tracking – which is nobody’s favorite activity – easier than ever before. Check out the demo app here: flotilla.herokuapp.com The team worked together to hack this app from the ground up. Dave worked on the front-end business logic, using AngularJS with some calls to a NodeJS back-end, which sends the expenses to Concur. Adam and Jorge worked on front-end design and user experience using Bootstrap, Zub foundation and some custom components. Jackworked on a Python interface to the Yodlee API, which he used to download and cache the sample transactions you see in the app.   Big congratulations to the Flotilla team, and all other participants!