Open Banking Enables Personalized Solutions

Today’s consumers expect their financial lives to increasingly mirror the highly personalized solutions they experience when they shop online with Amazon or stream movies on Netflix. The good news is open banking will spur the flow of data needed to make these experiences possible. Overwhelmingly, consumers – who understand the value of their data – have shown they’re willing to allow third-party apps and experiences to use their financial data if it benefits them.

But just having this financial data still won’t be enough. Financial service providers (FSPs) will need to leverage both transactional and personal consumer information to create personalized experiences that are relevant, insightful and emotionally “sticky”. These hyper-personalized digital experiences aren’t possible without access to consumer financial transactional patterns and trends, and as the industry leader in data aggregation and analytics, Envestnet® | Yodlee® is uniquely positioned to deliver these insights.

Personalize with the Best Data and Best Data Science

Based on the very best data, data science, security and privacy practices in the industry, Envestnet | Yodlee Insights Solutions enables FSPs to deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences built on actionable consumer insights, peer benchmarking, account aggregation, data enrichment and business analytics – no matter the size.

Get the data you need for effective segmentation to engage, service and retain today’s customers. All through an omni-channel deployment model that removes the complexity of developing and integrating new offerings across all channels and touchpoints. Use Insights Solutions to build personalization at scale with:

Insights API Suite

The Insights Solutions can be delivered across all FSP’s channels through simple APIs, applications, and conventional banking interfaces. With more than 17,000 data sources, Envestnet | Yodlee provides accurate feedback and insights, so you can deliver what you do best: innovative financial services.

Actionable Consumer Insights

Uncover financial details around consumer spending, savings, budgeting, income, subscriptions and more with an ever-expanding library of financial insights. Share these insights with your customers to deepen your relationship and increase their loyalty. Or choose instead to act on them to deliver opportunities for your customers to reduce their financial stress.

• Peer Benchmarking

Get context and comparisons around spending and saving with unique benchmarking capabilities. Help your customers set smart goals relative to their peers and use comparison data to inform financial planning and drive specialized consumer offerings.

• Digital Experience Views

Build views around topics that matter to your customers and deliver them across all business channels through flexible APIs. Use the views as a starting point for building your own unique digital financial experience or app. Add insights from an expanding library plus peer benchmarking data to guide consumer actions.

Broad Use Case Applications

Use APIs powered by Insights Solutions to anticipate and reduce the complexity of everyday finances for consumers across a broad range of areas and life stages, including wealth management, financial wellness, self-employment gig-economy activity, home maintenance and more.

Drive Business with Deep Insights

With today’s consumers expecting digital experiences and interactions to be relevant, insightful, and tailored to their needs, hyper-personalization isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s the new baseline for success. With Envestnet | Yodlee Insights Solutions, you can engage, serve, and retain today’s consumers with the ability to apply Financial Insights APIs and build, implement, and scale the hyper-personalized financial experiences consumers require.