Get the Full Financial Picture

Help consumers set a budget and stay on top of their income and expenses with the Envestnet® | Yodlee® Budget FinApp. This valuable budget app uses historical transaction data to automatically display budget categories for the consumer and suggest budget amounts based on the consumer’s historical transaction data. The FinApp automatically tracks the consumer’s spending by category and sends notifications to help the user stay on track.

By streamlining budget planning, users can proactively manage their spending and gain insights into their spending behavior. By pairing budget planning with timely notifications, financial institutions can use the Budget FinApp to increase customer engagement, strengthen loyalty, and raise retention rates over time.

Key Benefits

  • Behavioral design guides users through creating a budget
  • Displays high level categories for income, spending, and bills
  • Pulls in historical data to educate users on what they are spending and saving in each category
  • View of flexible spending indicates where user is tracking against a goal
  • Notifications tell users when they are near a budget or over it