Net Worth Summary

Promote Financial Wellness

With assets and liabilities displayed from all of their accounts along with their net worth, the Envestnet® | Yodlee® Net Worth FinApp enables consumers and businesses to see the progress they’ve made toward financial wellness. Users can also see updates on the amount of change to investments, property, liabilities, and more.

It’s an easy and automatic way for consumers and businesses to gain big picture insight – and avoid the hassles and potential inaccuracy of manually piecing together their financial picture. And because this critical snapshot of financial wellness can only be provided with held and held-away data combined, financial institutions can increase customer adoption and engagement by offering this valuable tool.

Key Features

  • Modern user experience and graphics outline assets/liabilities and net worth
  • Net worth app shows the user exactly how much money they have across all accounts, by taking into consideration all assets and liabilities.
  • Users can view net worth categories to understand percentage change at the category level
  • Ability to filter by date range