OK to Spend

Predictive, Actionable OK to Spend Offering

Consumers often have difficulty forecasting their income and expenses one week out and beyond. As a result, many consumers spend more than they earn. By applying patent protected machine learning and predictive data analytics to consumer transactions, Envestnet | Yodlee OK to Spend creates a financial forecast that enables consumers to holistically view their finances.

By identifying recurring and forecasted financial obligations while accounting for fluctuations determined from historic data, OK to Spend goes far beyond traditional tools that merely provide static views of finances. With personalized financial calendar views, notifications of financial events, forecasted income and expenses – including an “OK to spend” balance, and actionable recommendations and advice, OK to Spend empowers consumers to spend wisely so they can attain financial wellness.

Forward-looking, engaging financial experience

OK to Spend displays upcoming recurring expenses, paycheck deposits, and financial events in a centralized calendar view. The modern and visually engaging graphical format makes it easy for consumers to see when and how much they’ll be paid and when recurring bills are due. They can also view projected balances on future dates. Personalized insights, tips, and recommendations are provided that help consumers navigate their unique financial journey.

Key Benefits

  • Delightful User Experience: Engaging graphical interface offers visibility into current and future finances
  • Customized Data: Personalized financial calendar provides a customized central view of upcoming financial events
  • Actionable Insights: Personalized and progressive experience offers actionable financial insights that empowers consumers
  • Timely Notifications and Alerts: Proactive tools help consumers stay on top of day-to-day finances
  • Data Intelligence: Combines best-in-class platform data intelligence with predictive analytics techniques to target users with the right products at the right time
  • Responsive Design: Flexible design enables users to access their financial data across a spectrum of devices, user interfaces, and platforms
  • Customizable for FIs: Deployable as a responsive FinApp or via the OK to Spend API