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Money movement in today’s digital world takes many forms, from opening an account to funding a digital wallet. And everyone wants it in real time. With broad coverage and patented technology, our account verification is a proven solution for faster and safer online transactions. Whether you want to confirm an existing account, verify account ownership or simply verify an account balance before billing against it, the single unified Envestnet® | Yodlee® Financial Data Platform API is your solution for safer online transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Easy, quick configuration
  • Securely verifies accounts in seconds
  • Available on a range of digital channels
  • Increases conversion rates, transactions, and profitability online or via a mobile app
  • Reduces fraud, risk, and abandonment
  • Real-time confirmation of funds
  • Supports PSD2 regulations and Open Banking mandates easily enabling integration at scale
  • Speeds the add account process with FastLink
  • Enrichment powers wider, more complex use cases
  • Unified Financial Data Platform API makes it easy to add additional work flows such as account aggregation
  • Users only need to provide credentials once for both aggregation and verification, enabling faster data responses

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