Retail Banking

The Power of Yodlee Data

Digital tools for retail banking

The Envestnet® | Yodlee® Retail Banking solution is a set of innovative financial applications (FinApps) providing consumers with a clear picture and greater insight into their financial lives. With the power of real-time account and transaction data from over 15,000 financial sources and more than 100,000 separate account types globally, the Yodlee Retail Banking solution can be used to create an intelligent digital customer experience that recommends appropriate courses of action for each customer based on data-driven insights.

This scalable solution enables financial institution customers to consolidate all their financial account information in one place, giving them a better handle on their money. Personalized tools allow them to manage, and meet, their financial goals – which in turn makes them more engaged and more loyal customers.

Open the door to targeted cross-sell opportunities

By displaying digital content based on customer profiles and retail trends, our retail banking tools open the door to targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities of revenue-generating products and services.
Eighty-five percent of all online digital financial management today is powered by Envestnet | Yodlee. Find out how you can power a customer-centric financial management experience with the Yodlee Retail Banking solution.

Video: The Power of Yodlee Data

The Power of Yodlee Data

Technology is transforming the way digitally savvy consumers think about and manage their finances. Retail banks can stay on top of this trend and maintain their positions as primary financial services providers by delivering customer-centric digital financial management systems and solutions.

Build your Solution with our Products

Use FinApps individually, combine them to meet specific needs, fold them into your existing website, or leverage them to build your own apps.

Build the next generation of innovative and disruptive financial solutions using our APIs and cloud platform.

Our analytical financial data can help you identify key consumer financial trends and fine-tune market strategies to better attract and engage consumers.