Three Changes to FastLink: How to Optimize Your Mobile App Experience

Are you developing a financial app? If so, how can you improve its mobile user experience? In our previous post, we shared how Yodlee® FastLink for Aggregation enables financial app developers to add several accounts that their users hold at different banks. For example, our customer Moula uses FastLink to access prospective borrowers’ business cash flow data. Yodlee FastLink allows consumers to link accounts held at their financial institutions. The new FastLink is refreshed and recharged with lots of changes and improvements coming over the next few months, and I’d like to share what’s coming. We developed FastLink so that app developers can focus on financial innovation. Yodlee FastLink can connect to and link accounts from thousands of financial institutions that Yodlee supports. Without the FastLink user experience, every app developer would need to deal with the complexity of linking accounts. With our API and user experience, app developers have multiple choices in how to leverage Yodlee FastLink capabilities. The new FastLink version is a major improvement over our current version. We’re continuing to find ways to improve the experience, remove friction and making it easier than ever to link accounts. For example, we’re offering three major improvements this month that marks our commitment to supporting financial innovation by app developers. Mobile optimization on iOS and Android As mobile adoption continues to rise and become ubiquitous, we strive to make linking accounts on mobile a compelling experience. With that goal in mind, we set out to create a mobile-first design for Yodlee FastLink that is intuitive, responsive and functional. Yodlee FastLink now supports user experiences on iOS and Android platforms. Whether you have a mobile native app or mobile hybrid app, you can leverage an easy to use mobile framework SDK for iOS and Android to integrate Yodlee FastLink. Customized user experience We designed Yodlee FastLink to be highly flexible and customizable so that you can build your own experiences using FastLink functionality. With our new version, app developers have the option to create custom experiences while still leveraging the power of FastLink. For example, app developers can choose to create their own search experience to find financial institutions and allow FastLink to handle login and authentication flow. All you need to do is pass the site ID of selected financial institutions when invoking FastLink from the login step. Here is the list of all FastLink functionality that may be invoked:

  • Search for financial institution
  • Login
  • Link account status
  • Edit account

Simultaneous linking of multiple accounts We designed the new FastLink to empower consumers through a thoughtful user experience. While mobile-first designs provide the most optimal user experience to consumers on their mobile devices, Yodlee FastLink allows consumers to add multiple accounts so that they can do more with less. To maximize responsiveness of the app experience, FastLink enables consumers to link one or more accounts without waiting for other linked accounts to complete processing. Consumers may also view the status of linked accounts in progress. In conclusion, we hope that the new Yodlee FastLink empowers app developers to integrate faster, leverage Yodlee technologies to handle complexity, deliver compelling mobile experiences and bring financial innovation to consumers. To learn more about Yodlee FastLink for Aggregation, visit our product guide or contact us for more information.