Verify the Identity of Millions of People with greenID Platform

When it comes to consumer identification, Edentiti is one of Australia's leading companies, providing online verification for a broad range of organisations, including loan and credit providers. So we take our financial data, identity verification, and online security very seriously. Edentiti has recently started leveraging Yodlee® Interactive Aggregation API to power our greenID platform to capture bank statement information. This will enable our customers — major banks, credit unions, brokers, online gaming providers and government agencies — to perform a better affordability check on loan applicants in Australia and New Zealand. GreenID enables clients to rapidly and efficiently onboard new customers in real-time in an online or mobile environment, and to verify their identities against a comprehensive set of global data sources to meet regulatory obligations. GreenID is trusted and assists obligated entities to meet their government compliance standards, meeting KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and CTF (Counter-Terrorism Funding) standards, providing a secure and complete identity verification system. We've got offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Wellington, and we're part of Vix Verify, which provides identity verification solutions around the world. We're also the market leader in Australia and New Zealand. As we've been expanding our global presence, Yodlee became the obvious choice for aggregation and account verification services. Yodlee FastLink enables us to enhance the user experience by helping customers quickly link external bank accounts. Edentiti customers will now be able to perform more affordable background checks when applying for loans. One of the key factors for choosing to partner with Yodlee was its ability to provide a platform that meets the highest industry standards. Yodlee’s cloud-based approach removes the risk associated with other vendors that rely on the users device for security. Are you looking to verify the identity of potential customers through electronic verification? Visit our website to see how your customers can verify their details themselves over the internet, rather than in-store, in-branch, or in-person. For more information about how we’re making the identity verification process more efficient, secure, and cost-effective with Yodlee Interactive APIs – view the press release here.