What is Yodlee FastLink for Aggregation?

Have you leveraged personal finance apps to manage various accounts? For people who hold accounts at different banks, it can be a real time waster to sign into each account to keep track of all their financial information. For financial app developers, it can be a problem if their users can only access one account at a time. With our new version of FastLink, our customers — financial app developers — have the capability to add several accounts their users hold at different banks. For example, our customer Moula uses Yodlee® FastLink for Aggregation to access prospective borrowers’ business cash flow data. This is a pretty complicated technology, as you may imagine. FastLink is the name of the user interface experience we offer, so our customers don't have to build it on their own. In essence, developers can support adding multiple accounts to their own apps. This helps to speed up development, as well as white label the functionality and make it part of their own brand. The upshot of all this is that end users with different accounts — credit card, bank account, and brokerage account — all at different financial institutions, can pull all that data into one place. FastLink allows them do that with ease. Our current version of FastLink only works on a web browser on your laptop or desktop. It doesn’t support omni-channel, so functions like swiping don't work. But our customers have increasingly called for a mobile-friendly version, and we've been working on it. However, our new version of FastLink will be both mobile- and tablet-friendly. We're even designing it in a way that adapts to new functionality that may be created, but which doesn't yet exist. This means it's going to be a lot more user friendly and usable than our current version. We expect to launch our new version of FastLink in late Q2, and we'll keep you posted on this blog. FastLink If you would like to learn more about Yodlee FastLink for Aggregation, visit our product guide or contact us for more information.