Yodlee Interactive Blog: Sharing FinDat Innovations and Solutions

Welcome to the Yodlee Interactive blog! We’re thrilled to launch a new blog focused on leading Financial Data (FinDat) innovations and solutions to questions from our global FinTech developer and business communities. According to a study by Accenture and the Partnership Fund for New York City, global FinTech investment will grow to at least $6 billion by 2018. It’s an exciting time for startups in this space, as financial technology has become one of the fastest growing areas of VC investment.In addition, banks have begun to recognize the opportunity to work with startups, as major financial institutions are developing their own innovation labs and VC funds for investing in startups. We’re excited to share key learnings from working with amazing developers, entrepreneurs and enterprise innovators that have successfully built and distributed innovative Financial Apps (FinApps) with our platform. This blog will provide the inside scoop on FinDat innovations from our market leading customers, partner and experts. To learn more about our customer innovations, check out these inspiring stories and discover why we’re so enthusiastic about helping our community grow and create disruptive financial solutions. Congratulations to ReadyForZero, Xero, Wise.ly, SelfWealth and many other startups on turning their ideas into thriving businesses! Curious about how we’re powering FinTech innovations? Our APIs supply the fuel for you to create extremely cool digital experiences. For example, did you know these fun facts about our customers and offerings?

  • Google, Target.com and Amazon verify accounts with our IAV API
  • Xero, a leader in SMB accounting, has 100K users on our platform
  • Coinbase started in our accelerator program and has raised over $31M
  • On average, our Fastlink product reduces time to market by 2 weeks
  • We serve 2,200+ registered developers from 30+ financial segments
  • Our Yodlee Interactive platform has over 27 million API calls per day

Thanks for reading and we encourage you to send requests about blog topics and questions that you’d like us to feature. We’re here to serve YOUR needs, so feel free to provide feedback on our content. If you’re interested in guest blogging or collaboration opportunities, please contact Jenna at jcheng@yodlee.com. We hope you enjoy our blog!