Yodlee Interactive Developer Portal Enhancements

Have you seen our new and improved developer portal? Based on customer feedback, our team recently made enhancements to the navigation and documentation on our developer portal. In this blog, we will share insights from Apoorv Awasthi, Developer Evangelist at Yodlee Interactive, on key changes to our homepage and navigation.  1. What changes were made to the developer portal? In this iteration, we have tried to solve the issues that developers faced due to complex navigation on our developer portal. Since developers found it challenging to find the right content quickly, we restructured some content to make it more easily accessible. Enhancements include clear documentation, sample apps, test environments, etc. to improve the developer experience. For example, we made “Resources” a one-stop shop with direct links to a variety of helpful content. This includes REST APIs for Aggregation and REST APIs for Instant Account Verification. It also features SOAP APIs, quick start guides, data extracts, FastLink for Aggregation and Test Drive. Below is a snapshot of resources available. Untitled In addition, we’ve added a link to the Yodlee Interactive blog under “Community/Support,” which features leading Financial Data (FinDat) innovations and solutions to questions from our global developer community. This section also features events, videos, Quora, FAQ, StackOverflow and Glossary. 2. What future changes are planned for the developer portal? Our vision for the developer portal is to make it a seamless and self-serve website for developers. We are working to make it better by: 1) providing all the required information with clear and simple instructions, 2) creating a visually appealing user experience and 3) clearly articulating Yodlee Interactive offerings. 3. Can developers provide suggestions or ideas for the developer portal? We’re committed to creating an awesome developer experience and would love to hear feedback on ways to enhance our portal navigation, optimize the user experience and better serve developer needs. If you have any suggestions, please email us at developer@yodlee.com. Thanks to all the developers who shared their suggestions and positive feedback already. According to Matthew Hagopian, CTO and Co-Founder at Wealthminder, “The new developer portal is much cleaner and more direct, making it easy to jump into the needed documentation with just a few clicks.” We hope you find the changes helpful!