Yodlee's Guide to Financial Success in 2010


Experts at Yodlee ®, Inc., the leading provider of online and mobile personal finance management (PFM) and payments solutions, have teamed up with partners VestMatch, Excite Financial, GoalSpring and Less Accounting to offer advice on making 2010 a financial success.

These tips, geared towards consumers and small business owners, are offered to lessen the stress from organizing personal finances for the year ahead. They include:

  --  Analyze monthly expenses with a firm eye -- It's easy to let the
      holiday spending mindset carry over into the new year- which can lead
      to a budgeting disaster.  Yodlee MoneyCenter (moneycenter.yodlee.com)
      a free, do-it-yourself way to monitor expenses, pay bills and measure
      net worth, is a complete, centralized tool to manage overall finances
      efficiently and securely. It provides intelligent tracking
      capabilities, showing users how and where their money is being spent,
      and sending mobile and email reminders for paying upcoming bills.

  --  Get by with a little help from your friends -- Collaborative investing
      means individuals, families and groups have a way to save together to
      meet a common financial goal. VestMatch (vestmatch.com) provides
      online tools to reach these goals faster and more efficiently. In
      minutes VestMatch's tools create a financial plan and invite others to
      help reach that goal - whether with close friends or philanthropic
      strangers from around the globe.

  --  Harness the power of community -- This financial crisis has left many
      consumers scared and angry, unsure of where to put their trust. Excite
      Financial (excitefinancial.com) has created a community so consumers
      can educate themselves and each other with easy-to-use financial
      tools, personal advisors and community support. The company's advanced
      blogs, wikis, and social networking, combined with a strong community
      focus, help people face and overcome personal financial challenges.

  --  Get ahead by organizing your debt -- Two-thirds of borrowers who set a
      goal to get out off debt never create an actionable plan, simply
      because they lack the expertise and simple tools to help them manage
      it. Goal Spring's DebtGoal (debtgoal.com) is the first do-it-yourself
      debt reduction program that assists members in their efforts to get
      organized by creating attainable plans, and more importantly stay
      motivated throughout the process. Research shows that the average
      family following the DebtGoal plan will save $20-50K in interest costs
      and get out of debt eight years sooner.

  --  Streamline your accounting process -- An antidote to complicated
      accounting software, Less Accounting (lessaccounting.com) has
      developed a Web application complete with tools to best manage small
      business money flow. It provides online invoicing, data-entry free
      expense tracking, business proposal development tools, mileage
      tracking capabilities, importing and reporting.

For more information on Yodlee or Yodlee MoneyCenter, please log on to yodlee.com.

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Leading financial institutions trust Yodlee to power critical online financial applications. Yodlee's personal financial management, payments, and customer acquisition solutions unify all personal financial account information to deliver a simple, centralized and secure source for consumers to manage all of their financial tasks anytime, anywhere. Yodlee makes financial institutions' websites essential to their customers and generates new revenue opportunities. Yodlee's patented data, payments and risk management utility supports more than 12,000 account sources and over 100,000 different account types. More than 100 leading financial institutions and portals today offer Yodlee-powered solutions to millions of customers worldwide. Yodlee operates in the United States and Europe and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. For more information, log on to yodlee.com.

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