DevCon 2014: Mashup Ideas and Rewards Data for Travel Apps

On October 30, 2014, we’re excited to sponsor The Perfect Trip: DevCon 2014 in San Francisco. This event, hosted by our partner Concur and TripIt, features new APIs and how to tap the most lucrative segment of the travel market. Developing the next big travel app? Pitch your innovation for $100K in funding and find out how to reach 30M business travelers and 20K companies worldwide at The Perfect Trip: DevCon. Free registration is available for the first 7 to register with code: “YODLEEVIP.”  The application deadline for contest participants is October 15 at midnight, so be sure to submit your ideas soon! The Perfect Trip Fund Awards contest is a competition to encourage innovation in the travel ecosystem. This includes traveler services (mobile solutions for business travelers), supplier systems (technology solutions for suppliers) and supplier content (solutions enabling access to travel content). In this blog, we’d like to share mashup ideas on how DevCon participants can leverage Yodlee Interactive Aggregation API with Concur itinerary API to get transactions related to a trip. Also, we’ll show you how rewards data can be used to develop innovative travel apps. Below are insights from Patrick Giamanco, VP of Customer Success at Yodlee Interactive and our developer team. 1. How can developers use Yodlee Interactive Aggregation API with Concur itinerary API or TripIt API to build apps? By leveraging Concur itinerary API and Yodlee Interactive Aggregation API, developers can obtain transactions related to a trip. Furthermore, a report can be generated to analyze spending trends. For example, Flotilla, the winning team at TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon, created a financial app that makes expense tracking a breeze. Flotilla pulls credit card transactions using Yodlee APIs, allowing users to view and easily add relevant information to expenses. It then allows users to seamlessly submit with Concur, making expense tracking easier than ever before. Carbon, the winning Yodlee Interactive team at Disrupt SF Hackathon, disrupted credit card transactions by collecting item level data on every purchase. This was accomplished by leveraging the wealth of consumer transactional data at financial institutions using Yodlee APIs in combination with the in-person experience of receipts. It disrupted the current purchasing experience through fraud prevention, item-by-item list per transaction and instant expense reporting. Are you interested in building apps with TripIt API? While Concur provides business travel data, TripIt mainly provides personal travel data. It’s is an open platform for integration and organization of travel information from many different sources. The TripIt API allows third parties to easily interface with this platform. 2. What data can be pulled from Yodlee Interactive rewards program? Our rewards program covers member details, rewards accounts rewards levels, etc. Feel free to view the list of rewards program data elements here. For example, data on rewards balance and transaction activity are available. Below are some ideas for rewards data usage:

  • Aggregate data on points before and after travel
  • Create alerts for achieving point levels, frequent flyer programs
  • Show points across many different travel programs
  • Incentivize people to fly on one airline vs. others

3. What are the sources of rewards balance and activity data? The data comes directly from credit card or travel related websites (hotel, airline, etc.) It’s derived through a patented, bank-level secure platform that allows a consumer permission-based approach to access their accounts and gather the pertinent data. 4. What type of apps can be developed with rewards program? Developers can build with our rewards programs for a variety of applications. Besides travel apps created to provide the balances of consumer’s reward points, other existing non-travel apps can provide points balance too. For example, since many consumers want to see their full financial picture before making purchases, seeing reward point balances before making a travel related purchase allows them to make an educated decision. Rewards data can be used for a variety of travel planning and personal financial management solutions. Are you joining us at The Perfect Trip: DevCon? Our team is excited to sponsor this event and hope to see you there. Follow @YIDeveloper and @ConcurAPI #PerfectTrip on Twitter for live updates!