Apoorv Awasthi: How to Use the Yodlee Interactive Test Drive Tool


Are you developing an innovative Financial App? Do you need access to rich consumer transactional data? If you want to quickly try out Yodlee Interactive APIs and explore the wealth of financial data available, our Test Drive Tool can help. Below are insights from Apoorv Awasthi, Developer Evangelist at Yodlee Interactive. Apoorv Awasthi is a Developer Evangelist at Yodlee Interactive, where he promotes the use of financial data to drive innovative FinTech solutions.  He has worked with a variety of ground-breaking startups, well known tech giants and established financial institutions.  As the voice of developers, Apoorv is constantly improving the developer experience and platform so that developers can fully leverage the power of financial data.

  1. What is the Yodlee Interactive Test Drive Tool?

Our Test Drive Tool allows developers to quickly test/evaluate Yodlee Interactive REST APIs for Aggregation without performing any setup. The best part about our Test Drive tool is that it has multiple flows, which helps developers to understand the sequence of APIs in which they need to be called and what data is being sent/received in request/response. This includes Add account flow, List All Holdings Flow and Remove account flow etc. In addition, developers can download the code for these flows as well.

  1. How do I get started with Yodlee Interactive Test Drive?

Below are three simple steps to getting started:

  • Use cobrand credentials on the Developer Info tab under “My Profile” to login to the Test Drive.
  • Once you login as a cobrand, login with the User Credentials that Yodlee provides (out of five pre-registered users) on the Developer Info Tab under “My Profile.”
  • Create a user session and start exploring available APIs.
  1. What are Cobrand Session and User Session?

A Cobrand Session needs to be created between Yodlee Interactive platform and a developer’s application for secure data transmission. A User Session needs to be created after a Cobrand Session for each consumer, to securely transmit data for that particular consumer.   With our Test Drive Tool, a User Session has to be created with one of the five pre-registered test users that Yodlee Interactive provides to test APIs in the sandbox environment.  

  1. What are the Site Based, Container Based and Core Services APIs?

  First, the Site Based approach adds all accounts for a specific bank site for a consumer through a single addition. For this recommended approach, please use APIs under the Site Based menu.   Second, the Container Based approach allows consumers to add each account for a specific bank site explicitly for e.g., savings and checking accounts or credit card accounts one at a time. For this approach, please use APIs under the Container Based menu.   Third, the Core Services are common APIs used across both the approaches.  

  1. Who can I contact about Test Drive questions?

  Our Yodlee Interactive support team monitors and responds to developer related questions on StackOverflow tagged with Yodlee. Developers facing any issues regarding Test Drive Tool can post a question on StackOverflow.  

  1. What new features are available for developers?

  We recently integrated FastLink within our Test Drive Tool, which allows developers to test the FastLink application within our Test Drive. Furthermore, developers can add an account using FastLink.   Our team is also working hard to provide developers with different tools to seamlessly develop new solutions integrating Yodlee Interactive APIs. The following are some works in progress:  

  • Developing a Test Drive Tool for IAV REST APIs
  • Enhancing uncovered use cases in our Test Drive Tool

  Are you ready to get started with Test Drive tool? Click here to begin.