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Envestnet Announces New Enterprise Data Management Solution at Annual Advisor Summit

Envestnet® | Yodlee® recently unveiled Envestnet Vision, our new enterprise data management solution at the 2018 Advisor Summit in New Orleans. Solving several commonplace data problems that advisors encounter, this product combines intelligent data with machine learning and advanced analytics to provide holistic and personalized insights for advisors, bankers and their clients. Essentially, Envestnet Vision provides a single source of data, analytics, and reporting solutions for advisors, developers, and financial institutions of all kinds. It solves several common problems for these three verticals including:

  • Difficulties with gathering data from various systems.
  • The inability to import market and competitor data into internal reports.
  • Challenges with adapting from conventional systems such as books and records data.

Envestnet Vision aggregates data within Envestnet and Open ENV APIs and then reconciles and enriches the data through processes like providing geolocation and Transaction Data Enrichment. These insights, applications, and analytics are available through Envestnet online portals, which help advisors and bankers with better and faster decision making for their clients.

Envestnet Intelligence

We were also pleased to announce Envestnet Intelligence, a new tool that leverages the data connectivity and machine learning capabilities found in our Envestnet Vision solution. With Envestnet Vision advisors, wealth managers, and bankers can easily get the answers to real-time business questions through Envestnet Analytics on their desktop, mobile devices, as well as by home voice assistants using Alexa-enabled devices (including the Alexa app on a mobile phone) via Envestnet Intelligence. Users can ask for daily updates as they get ready in the morning or during their morning commute. The capability Alexa uses for this information is created by Quill, a national language generation platform developed by Narrative Science. Quill finds insights in the user's data, and then creates the text-based narrative spoken by the Alexa device. Envestnet | Yodlee has worked to keep up with technology changes and embrace new developments as they arise. The growth of voice assistants is the next obvious stage of automated interaction. Envestnet Intelligence is all about asking and answering questions. People want answers quickly and easily to help them better manage their book of business. Imagine just a few years ago when we thought it was cutting edge to access that information through a web portal or mobile app on our phones, and we've developed the technology where we can now just say, "Alexa, what were my proposals yesterday?" or "Alexa, what is my cash opportunity?" and get an answer. For more information about Envestnet Vision and Envestnet Intelligence, please visit the Envestnet website.