Envestnet | Yodlee Is Named a 2018 CFSI Financial Health Leader

Envestnet | Yodlee has been given the distinction of becoming a 2018 Financial Health Leader in the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI) network. Yodlee joins 29 other financial institutions — technology companies, banks, credit unions, and nonprofits, including a couple of our own clients — in the ever expanding network with this incredible accomplishment. For those who may not know, CFSI's primary mission is to help improve the financial health of Americans; constantly working towards deepening the partnership between innovators, providers, and consumers to increase the quality of products in the fintech and financial marketplaces. CSFI offers key services and solutions to their network members by delivering extensive research capabilities covering every major topic in the financial industry. CSFI also offers consulting services on consumer research, innovation processes, and high-quality product design along with a Financial Solutions Lab that drives a community of startups, financial services companies, and nonprofits in building their own financial wellness solutions. To obtain this distinction, Yodlee worked with CSFI on an extensive research project. Together we examined the financial data for 100,000 anonymized users, as well as conducting a survey of 5,000+ digital banking users in order to improve our own applications, as well as help our fellow Financial Health Leaders better understand the digital banking landscape. Results from this research will be delivered on November 1st of this year. However, this wasn’t the first time we have worked with CSFI. Yodlee has a longer history with the organization, with them being a huge resource of information and institutional knowledge. Specifically, we worked together on the methodology behind the creation of our AI FinCheck along with integrating their financial health indicator, the Financial Health Score Toolkit. We created AI FinCheck to help financial institutions and wealth management firms gather customer financial data to help customers understand and improve their financial health. We even garnered a Best Of Show award at the FinovateFall 2017 Conference in New York for this app and CFSI played a significant role in achieving that milestone. We are excited about this recognition by our longtime partners, look forward to continuing this invaluable relationship, and presenting the results to our latest project that will help further the cause of understanding our consumers. To learn more about how to use Envestnet | Yodlee's aggregation APIs, as well as taking advantage of our new knowledge and capabilities, please visit our website or ask to speak to one of our development experts.