Envestnet | Yodlee Provides Developers with Easier Integration to Access the Most Comprehensive and Accurate Financial Data

How can financial institutions and fintech developers leverage real-time financial data to enable a wide variety of use cases for all lines of business – from retail, to wealth, to lending? The Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data Platform now provides easy access to deep user-permissioned data via a single, unified API. All of this is made possible through the strengths of our data acquisition capabilities, data cleansing and enrichment expertise, and massive scale. By consolidating solutions into a single API, Envestnet | Yodlee offers the following benefits to financial services developers:

  • Comprehensive and accurate transaction data
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Easily add or upgrade services as business evolves
  • Support to comply with PSD2/Open Banking standards

Our team created a new infographic to show how the Envestnet | Yodlee Financial Data Platform provides easy, quick and secure access to the most comprehensive and accurate financial data available through a single API. This allows financial service providers to develop innovative products and services that help to improve consumers’ financial well-being. To learn more about how our platform drives innovation and insights in digital financial services, visit: https://www.yodlee.com/company/partner-with-us