FinDEVr San Francisco: Don’t Miss The First Event for FinTech Developers!

On September 30 – October 1, 2014, our Yodlee Interactive team is super excited to host workshop sessions, present our API enhancements and organize an afterparty at FinDEVr, the first conference focused on the builders of financial and banking technology. This event will showcase dozens of cutting-edge tools, platforms and financial data APIs that are driving innovations in FinTech. According to Joe Polverari, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, “Yodlee is very excited to be a presenter at FinDEVr. We are committed to powering the future innovators in FinTech and providing developers, software architects, CTOs and financial entrepreneurs a data platform to help transform the future of money management and digital commerce.” Below is the action-packed agenda that we’ve prepared for FinDEVr: Day One: September 30th Presentation

  • Demystifying the Yodlee Data: What is the Yodlee platform and what value do the Yodlee Interactive APIs open up to developers? What are the use cases and killer financial applications built with the APIs? What type of account and transaction data does it enable? What is coming next for developers? We'll cover merchant categorization, geo location, wealth data and future enhancements.

Day Two: October 1st Workshop Sessions

  • How to Build an App with Financial Data: Get hands on help from Yodlee Interactive and the hot app builders who are leading the charge. This will include 1) Getting started with the Aggregation API: integration, developer portal tools and resources 2)
Using key features such as FastLink, our add account wizard 3) Show and tell on how two key developers have used Yodlee data and FastLink to build killer FinApps 
and 4) What new features are coming soon; hear from our early adopters.
  • Yodlee’s Instant Account Verification (IAV) API for Managing Risk and Fraud: Learn how to use Yodlee’s Instant Account Verification APIs as a comprehensive account validation solution to minimize Risk and Fraud. Roll up your sleeves and see first hand how builders are using the API to streamline the availability and validation of accounts in today’s rapidly innovating funding processes.
  • Supercharge your Apps with Wealth Data from Yodlee and Xignite: Learn from both Yodlee and Xignite on how to get access to Wealth Data information (Stocks, Mutual Funds, Positions) via our APIs and the types of financial applications that you can build with this information.

Besides three hands on workshops, we’re also hosting a Yodlee Interactive Afterparty on Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm and a Code Review Session with our Professional Services team on Wednesday, October 1st from 2-4pm. Our experts can help review and optimize your software design and data modeling to help you get the most of our financial data. Register for this interactive session and hack through any challenges you may have. FinDEVr is expected to have 400-500 attendees including high caliber presenters from TD Ameritrade, PayPal, Forte, FinancialApps, Avoka, Xero, InComm, CardFlight, BehavioSec, Mifos, StockTwits, Bluefin and Cloud Lending. To give you some background, FinDEVr is a new production from the team that organized the groundbreaking Finovate conferences series around the globe. Since Finovate launched in 2007, over 15,000 tech executives, bankers, venture capitalists, press and entrepreneurs have attended its annual events in New York City, Silicon Valley and London. It has been our honor to present innovations such as Tandem, which won the FinovateAsia 2013 Best-of-Show Award. Are you joining us at the most anticipated FinTech developer event of the year? Register online and get ready to learn from fast-paced presentations, deep-dive workshops and networking opportunities with Financial Data (FinDat) experts! Don’t miss the opportunity to meet hundreds of builders that are forging the future of financial, banking and payments technology in a single place. We hope to see you there!