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Bank Account Validation

Envestnet | Yodlee bank account validation allows you to instantly validate account details and ownership for frictionless onboarding and payment setup.

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Verify Bank Owners & Accounts

Transact with Confidence

Before you can transact with users, you have to ensure their bank details are authentic and their accounts are set up for payment. Our bank validation service covers 100% of deposit accounts, so you can fight fraud and manage risk, for every transaction.

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Instant Validation

Key Benefits of Bank Account Validation

Bank account validation takes only seconds to confirm that an account, including the bank account number, BSB, balance, and holder name are valid.

Reduced Drop Offs

User conversion is increased and abandonment reduced in the account verification process

Reduced Risk and Fraud

Verifying users’ account can help you evaluate risk for application-processing decisions and minimise fraud loss

Cost Efficiency

Avoid initiating direct debits to reduce costs and cut payment errors by keeping bad account numbers from being entered

Easy Integration

Plug-and-play API enables you to get started quickly and seamlessly and add additional use cases as your business grows

Seamless User Experience

Pre-validating accounts in real time vastly increases the chances of a successful, seamless transaction flow

Trusted Provider

Envestnet | Yodlee has operated locally for 10+ years and is closely engaged with the ACCC and Open Banking in Australia

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The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital financial solutions while increasing risk. Discover how account validation and verification can protect you and your customers.


Cover 100% of Deposit Accounts

Multiple Authentication Paths

Verify account ownership and enable faster payments by retrieving full account number, BSB numbers, and holder name(s).

Choose from a number of ways to verify users’ accounts, transactions, and identities, such as: