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Help consumers set, achieve, and fund their goals with this automated savings tool.
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Envestnet | Yodlee Save For A Goal

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Many Australians today are looking for new ways to save.1 Envestnet | Yodlee Save for a Goal offers an engaging and proactive experience with tools that help consumers set goals, move forward, and visualise their progress. Save for a Goal empowers consumers by automating their savings to meet milestones and time-based goals – whether it’s a specific purchase or preparing for university, retirement, and other events.

1 Source: Survey: Australian consumer sentiment during the coronavirus crisis, McKinsey, 2020.

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Key Benefits

With Save for a Goal, consumers can easily set and track multiple savings goals, and they can use a single account or multiple bank and investment accounts to fund their goals.

Engaging and Empowering

Enables consumers to prepare for short- and long-term goals, time-based goals, life events, and specific purchase goals


Consumers can prioritise between goals and the accounts used for funding them

Easily Personalised

Users can customise goals based on their needs


Helps users understand how much they can afford to save and set aside to reach their financial goals

Actionable Guidance

Delivers notifications and alerts to remind users what they need to do to move forward

Trusted and Proven Provider

10+ years in Australia with local management, plus our global experience and reach make Envestnet | Yodlee the ideal partner

Tools for Your Success

Our webinars, eBooks, videos and more provide tips and solutions for guiding your customers toward financial wellness.

Saving Made Easy

Help Customers Reach Their Financial Goals

With a realistic, customised view of what’s possible, based on their individual finances, Save for a Goal helps consumers in their quest to achieve financial wellness.

Handy reminders, alerts, and notifications such as progress bars, charts, and graphs keep consumers engaged and emotionally attached to their goals.

Save for a Goal helps consumers:

  • Build goals to help with short- and long-term financial planning, such as buying a new purse, new car, or retirement. 
  • Plan for lifestyle goals such as planning for a vacation or a new family member.
  • Understand how much they can afford to save and set aside to reach their financial goals. 

This easy to use solution provides:

  • User Friendly Experience: Engages and easily onboards on boards novice users who have never saved for a goal before
  • Visualisation Tools: Alerts and notifications like progress bars, charts and graphs, and alerts keep users moving forward and motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Responsive Design: Flexible design enables users to see their goals across a spectrum of devices, user interfaces, and platforms.