Secure Data Promise

Secure Data

Enabling Innovation and Insights. Protecting Privacy. Upholding Security.

Enabling Innovation and Insights. Protecting Privacy. Upholding Security.

Envestnet | Yodlee’s data aggregation platform enables financial institutions and FinTechs to help consumers achieve better financial outcomes through their innovative products and services. Additionally, we support de-identified data analytics and insights for institutional investors and investment research companies so they can better manage investments on behalf of their customers. We adhere to leading industry practices for data security, regulatory compliance, and privacy. Envestnet | Yodlee does not sell data that identifies consumers.

Innovation and Insights Built on the Best Data

Our primary business is to provide the best and most comprehensive financial data, enabling innovation and insights for our wealth management, retail banking and FinTech customers in the service of their clients. All of this is made possible through the strength of our data acquisition capabilities, extensive data cleaning, enrichment and reconciliation expertise, and advanced data intelligence. As such, Envestnet Data and Analytics has built vast expertise in data science and data analytics. The know-how and intellectual capital that we have accumulated from this also contributes back to our enablement of innovation, helping us to drive the development of intelligent, predictive offerings for our customers.  Learn More »

Fueling Better Financial Outcomes

The innovation and insights derived from Envestnet’s data and analytics enables our customers to help their clients pursue better financial outcomes.

Better Advice

Envestnet Data and Analytics fuels the tools and insights that advisors use in financial planning and backend processing solutions, enabling better advice and guidance for their clients. We provide:

  • Data to Grow Businesses: Institutional, custodial and aggregated data that is reconciled and ready for financial planning and portfolio management, as well as reporting, trading and client portal applications.
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Empowers financial advisors and enterprises to answer key business questions, make better data-driven decisions, and ultimately drive more productivity.
  • Timely Market Research: Monthly reports deliver powerful insights, trends, and predictions about investor behavior and advisory. These reports empower advisors with better information to grow their business and better serve their clients.

Better Financial Health

Envestnet Data and Analytics enables our customers’ digital experiences to deliver:

  • Actionable Financial Guidance: End-consumers are able to better save, plan, spend and borrow using automated financial guidance and tools to ease their burden and reduce financial stress.
  • Personalised Coaching: Contextual recommendations and actionable next steps help consumers reach their financial goals and improve financial wellness.
  • Dynamically Measured Financial Health: Consumers can dynamically measure their financial health and automate and improve daily financial activities.

Better Lending Options

Envestnet Data and Analytics helps lenders and financial service providers to augment an applicant’s profile to enable better lending decisions by providing:

  • Alternative Data: Lenders can utilise aggregated data sources to gain a complete picture of “credit invisible” consumers who currently lack a credit report at one of the credit bureaus – so you can service this growing market.
  • Streamline Onboarding: Lenders can speed up the lending process for borrowers by auto-populating credit applications with real-time consumer income data, depository assets, and more.
  • New Opportunities in Lending: Lenders have the ability to service the credit needs for those that may not qualify using traditional methods (e.g. credit invisible, no file/thin file).

Supporting Data Analytics and Insights

For a small portion of our business, we offer financial service providers like institutional investors and investment research providers de-identified data to support analytics and insights so they can better manage investments on behalf of their customers. The de-identified transaction data used to support their analytics and insights is based on diverse and dynamic sets of data from the Envestnet | Yodlee data aggregation platform. Of note, Envestnet | Yodlee does not sell data that identifies consumersLearn More »

Security and Risk Management

Envestnet | Yodlee adheres to leading industry practices for data security, regulatory compliance, and privacy. Again, our company never sells data that identifies consumers. We follow applicable security and risk management standards required to engage with consumers and their financial data. Envestnet | Yodlee is subject to examination by the U.S. Federal Banking Agencies, per the Bank Service Company Act, for the services provided to U.S. financial institutions. That same Financial Data Platform is leveraged for all Envestnet | Yodlee customers, so they benefit from the full breadth and rigor of Envestnet | Yodlee’s risk management programs. In addition, Envestnet | Yodlee has undergone nearly 200 due diligence audits and assessments, conducted by our institutional clients and prospects over the most recent 24-month period. Learn More »

Strict Privacy Standards

Protecting the personal information of those who use our customers’ products and services is a top priority. We have built privacy protection into our enabling technology, business processes and operational procedures. Additionally, we employ proprietary and third-party technical controls, such as encryption, to protect data while it resides on our systems, and further ensure protection of a consumer’s anonymity. Envestnet | Yodlee follows all laws regarding the use of consumer data. For support of data analytics and insights, we adhere to leading industry practices for data security, regulatory compliance and privacy, and employ systems that monitor and remove all known identifiers from data elements that are collected. For data analytics and insights customers and partners, Envestnet | Yodlee imposes contractual, administrative and technical measures to protect consumers’ identities, such as prohibiting analytics and insights providers from attempting to ascertain the identity of any consumer from the data.

Importantly, Envestnet | Yodlee does not sell data that identifies consumers. Learn More »