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Deliver a Virtual Financial Assistant that dynamically monitors financial health and provides actionable guidance.
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Virtual Financial Assistant

Three out of five Australians believe a financial advisor can help them.1 With Envestnet | Yodlee® AI FinCheck™, you can offer the revolutionary digital financial assistant Australians need. By measuring and monitoring consumer financial health and providing actionable guidance, AI FinCheck helps guide users toward financial wellness. It also enables Financial Service Providers to optimise the customer experience, maximise engagement and loyalty, and increase share of wallet.

1 Source: Mortgage Choice Financial Fitness 2019 white paper

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Diagnose and Improve Financial Wellness

Key Features

AI FinCheck holistically gauges consumer financial health across spending, saving, borrowing, and planning and suggests proactive actions to automate and improve users’ finances.


Offers an intuitive and engaging experience as a dynamic diagnostics and measurement tool

Real Time

Delivers a real-time evaluation and holistic picture of consumers' financial health and access to financial wellness tools


Provides personalised guidance alongside education with contextual recommendations and actionable next steps

Actionable Data

Leverages actionable data to deepen customer relationships


Optimises marketing campaigns and guides consumers towards financial wellness by getting a holistic view of their finances


Helps automate and improve daily financial management with a cost effective virtual financial wellness assistant

Proven Provider

10+ years in Australia with local management, plus our global experience and reach make Envestnet | Yodlee the ideal partner

Insights and Advice

Explore our collection of white papers, eBooks, case studies for tips and insights on guiding customers to financial wellness.

Financially Vulnerable

On-Demand Webinar

How to Engage the Financially Fearful

Australians who aren’t financially literate are at a serious disadvantage in economically uncertain times. In this on-demand webinar, we take a close look at this financially vulnerable demographic and discuss strategies for engaging, educating, and empowering these consumers to take control of their money.

Help Vulnerable Consumers

Diagnose and Improve Financial Wellness

By measuring consumers’ financial health using account and transaction data, AI FinCheck can gauge the financial health of the consumer, share contextual and personalised best practices, and suggest proactive actions to automate and improve their finances.

Leveraging proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, AI FinCheck, part of our FinApp series, helps to coach consumers toward financial wellness, making a tangible difference in their financial lives and positioning the FSP as a trusted financial partner for the long term.