Cash Flow Analysis

Help users better understand their income and spending patterns across their various accounts and institutions.

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Help Users Achieve Financial Wellness

The Future of Finances

As one of the most critical tools for consumers and small businesses, financial institutions and FinTech innovators can use Cash Flow Analysis to give their users greater insight and understanding, to strengthen customer relationships and increase engagement. 

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Envestnet | Yodlee Cash Flow Analysis

Key Benefits

With expense and income month to date, as well a projected cash flow forecast, users can see how income and expenses positively and negatively affect their overall net cash flow.

View Cash Flows

View historic cash flow as well as forecasted cash flow for the current month

Up-To-Date Expenses

See monthly income and actual expenses to compare against the forecast and better plan for the future

Insightful Details

User has ability to click into income and expense to see all the details needed to make better decisions


Filter Transactions

Include or exclude transactions tagged for business purposes for easy analysis


Manual Projections

Ability to manually add projected transactions for accurate forecasting

Cash Flow Analysis & Reporting

Get advice and insights from our collection of cash flow analysis resources and provide your users a useful tool for financial wellness.