Money Movement

Money Movement

We enable a fast, flexible, and secure money movement experience for you and your customers' ultimate benefit.
Money Movement

Enhanced Money Movement

Enable Digital Transfer Funds

Optimise your digital money movement process and offer consumers an experience that integrates easily into your online banking platform or mobile app.  We enable a simple and gratifying experience that allows your customer to manage their finances across accounts and institutions with ease.

This product is available via
  • APP
  • API

From the Market Leader in Financial Innovation

Key Benefits

Real-Time Access

Convenient real-time verification of account ownership & balances enable better financial decisions based on better data

Secure and Quick

Fast, efficient, secure online account verification and affordability checks provide quicker access to funds

Intuitive User Experience

The simple and intuitive user interface in the FastLink app reduces user abandonment and optimises account validation

Reduce Risk and Fraud

Proprietary and patented technology verifies consumers' accounts quickly and securely, stopping fraudsters in their tracks

Industry-Leading Coverage

Access the broadest financial data available for bank account verification, over 17,000 sources globally

NACHA Preferred Partner

Envestnet | Yodlee's account verification solution meets the new NACHA rules for screening online payments to deter fraud

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